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Where can I workout in Den Haag? Online workouts and bootcamps in The Hague recommended by Dr Carey

Bijgewerkt op: 23 mei 2020

We get by with a little help from our friends! I don't know where I would be without the help of our Local gyms, Yoga Studios, Personal trainers and other health providers in The Hague. While we are happy to be back open to the public, we think it is very sad that they are not open fully too, and as of right now, need to wait until September.

We believe the body is controlled by it's nervous system, including a healthy immune system. And, while everyone has become an amateur virologist lately, one thing we can all agree on is this virus ( and all other ones btw) love sick people.

So, it becomes important to have

1) a healthy nervous system

2) a healthy body for that nervous system to be put to use properly.

In a strange way, working out has never been MORE accessible than right now. There is every type of class available, everywhere outside ( without having to be tied to one gym and their classes) and streaming directly to you a million different ways.

So, Here are our suggestions to you from our friends ( and family) from Gewoon Chiropractie. We hope you give some of them ( or all of them a try!)

SkyHealth - Personal Training, Live and virtual Group Classes

f45 - Group Training in f45's unique format

YogaSeads- Variety of Yoga Workshops and Online Classes -Mindset & Yoga Coaching

Byoga - Yoga Experience- Private classes, retreats, workshops

Vitality & Performance- Personal Coaching, Bootcamps & Online Classes

Fitchef- Prepared Healthy meals tailored to your tastes and health goals

Body and Shape Store - Vitamins and Supplements - Delivered right to you!

* Bonus:

De Groene Zuster:Top quality breast thermography- natural and safe!

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