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The Science of Chiropractic

Ever wonder about the Science of Chiropractic?

A lot of time people think we are magicians. I always say magic is just science we don't understand yet! ( actually that is a line from Thor! but it works)

Thankfully, people way smarter than me are researching chiropractic and finding out ways that chiropractic works to help countless people all over the world.

Two leading researchers recently appeared on Russell Brand's talk show to discuss their findings and I thought I would pass it along!

You can watch the podcast HERE

Russell awakens to the world of chiropractic science with Dr. Jerome Poupel, a seasoned chiropractor to top sports stars and even race-winning horses, and Dr. Heidi Haavik, neurophysiologist and author, exploring how chiropractic care can transform your mental state and accelerate healing.

For Bonus Points! Check out one of Dr Heidi's Info Videos HERE!

Gewoon Chiropractie is conveniently located just on the border of Den Haag and Scheveningen and is 20 minutes away from Den Haag Centraal train station by Tram 1. Through a vitalistic approach to chiropractic, we view each patient as a whole, rather than as a single symptom to be treated. We know that chiropractic is so much more than back pain, neck pain and headaches. There are multiple techniques we use to detect, find and correct nerve impingements, that we call subluxations. We believe chiropractic care is a lifestyle & recommend regular spinal checks for you and your whole family. Give us a call! 070 204 41 34

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