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A Chiropractor in Den Haag Recommends Barefoot Shoes for your children ( & you too!)

Bijgewerkt op: 23 aug. 2021

It's a busy weekend on Spui in the city centre of Den Haag, with back to school shoppers looking for some fresh new threads for this upcoming school season. While looking for shoes, I'd like to encourage you to try out Barefoot Shoes for both your children and you!

Why Barefoot Shoes?

Many modern shoes are not a natural foot shape, damaging feet. When feet are given plenty of room to flex and splay, they gain the chance to re-align and re-strengthen. Barefoot shoes are designed to allow your feet to have this space, even when you’re wearing shoes.

Many barefoot shoes feature ultra-thin, puncture resistant soles to let the 200,000+ neurotransmitters in kids’ feet feel the ground, while keeping them protected. The more feet can feel, the more the foot-brain connection stays sparking and active.

Thick, cushioned and supportive shoes cut off this all-important feeling, dulling the sensory feedback our brains can get from our feet.

Barefoot shoes are wide and unrestricting to let kids feet grow strong natural bones and tendons, especially the all-important Big Toe, crucial for balance and skillful movement. At least 90% of kids are born with perfect feet, let’s keep it that way.Stiff, narrow shoes literally deform feet and toes as they grow: taking away their potential for strength, balance and coordination. Like wearing a teeny foot cast.

Barefoot shoes are super flexible, allowing the tendons and muscles in kids feet to splay and recoil. This builds strength while sparking that vital foot-brain connection which makes for skilful, brainy feet that can move like the little monkeys they are!

‘Normal’ shoes have thick, stiff soles which weaken kids’ feet and ankles as they grow, leading to clunky, ungainly movement.

We believe that actually going barefoot is best. But, if you can't be at home, try giving a barefoot shoe a go and give your feet more chances to feel free? They’ll thank you for it!

If you want to look for styles of barefoot shoes, take a look at Barefoot & More's webshop

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