Located inside SkyHealth the Box, The Hague's Premier destination for Crossfit and Group Lesson Fitness. Our Partners at Sky Health understand that in order to maximise the body's potential for sports, chiropractic is an essential starting point to prepare the body. We have been working with SkyHealth for some time and we are excited to take our relationship to the next level

By opening our second location, we are realising another dream. Having a footprint in the Haagse Bluf and the center of The Hague , we have a chance to be part of a thriving downtown community in the newest and busiest location of the city. We are there to serve the public , not just to the members of the gym.



We are excited to have the opportunity to introduce chiropractic to even more people! Whether its for Cross-fit, Yoga, Pilates or just general everyday life, we know chiropractic can and will help you get the most out of your body's potential and be the best you can be!